150-Ton Hydraulic Press Tests the Limits of Jack Stands

Some windows were harmed in the making of this experiment.

Designed to support a vehicle's weight when suspended, jack stands are extremely useful tools that are almost always rated from the factory for a certain weight limit. But how much weight can the average jack stand really hold?

In order to answer this question, the hosts of the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube decided to test the limits of two varieties of jack stands as well as a standard scissor jack, which are often found in cars' emergency maintenance kits.

Using their trusty 150-ton hydraulic press and a force sensor, they not only test the strength of the jack stands but also how much safety pin adds to the strength. If you're curious to see the results, make sure you watch the video below — but beware, there are some broken windows involved. We'll leave the exact numbers to the video, but it turns out jack stands can hold more weight than their manufacturers state. Enjoy!

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