150-Ton Hydraulic Spike Splits Watermelon in Half Through Motorcycle Helmet

Watch the Hydraulic Press Channel try their new 150-ton hydraulic spike on various objects including a LEGO brick tower and a battery.
Jessica Miley

You have to admire the Hydraulic Press Channel for their inventiveness. For a channel that is solely based around crushing things under pressure, they successfully manage to invent new ways to destroy stuff while it's being filmed in 4K.

Their latest new trick is a 150-ton Hydraulic Spike. First up is a watermelon sitting inside a standard motorcycle helmet.

Predictably the spike easily passes through the helmet spearing the hapless fruit. Next up, is a hydraulic press channel favorite, two packs of cards, stacked on top of each other.

Usually, cards that are placed under pressure explode, due to some heat reaction with the printed surface. But when faced with the spike, the cards nicely split open.

So far the spike hasn’t provided any spectacular slow-motion footage that the channel is famous for, but there is more to come. Lego, the ubiquitous plastic bricks face off against 150 ton of metal with disappointing results, a candle proves too slippery for the spike but a hockey puck does something cool.

Instead of splitting or breaking apart, the slow-moving pressure spike creates a rubber ring out of the nugget of plastic. A pierced battery causes a lot of possibly toxic smoke, ending the fun for the day.

From reading through the YouTube comments it seems die-hard fans of the show aren’t too keen to see the impaler stick around preferring the pure destruction of the regular hydraulic press.