17-Year-Old Tetris Player Becomes the World Champion, Again

Teenager Joseph Saelee announced as the World Champion again by winning against Karyan at Classic Tetris World Championship 2019.
Nursah Ergü

Since 2010, Portland Retro Gaming Expo has been hosting a video game competition series called "Classic Tetris World Championship." 

This year's competition took place between October 18-20. The winner of 2018, Joseph Saelee won this year as well. He beat his opponent Karyan to keep the title. 

Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris, was also at the tournament to witness the finals and award the winner and the runner up. 

Pajitnov presented the check of 10,000 dollars to Saelee. While making a little speech, Joseph Saelee burst into tears. 

Of course, we all know that E-sports is becoming a huge part of our lives, and it's not weird at all. Even for some people, it's much more exciting than any other sports in the world. 

In 1984, while creating Tetris, Pajitnov probably didn't think that one day there will be a competition of this game. And it's totally a heart-melting moment to see the creator of Tetris and the best Tetris player in the world side by side. Life is strange, isn't it?

Technology never stops to surprises us, but it's not shocking anymore! We easily accept the technological changes in our lives. The game everyone played during their childhood is now a famous e-sport, and we all love the idea of it!

And we are already curious about the next year's champion. Do you have any opinions on that?

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