Watch This 18-Ton Front End Loader Show Off Its Dance Moves on Two Wheels

Jessica Miley

Twerking always manages to grab a headline, whether it is Miley Cyrus at the MTV music video awards or Nicki Minaj in the jungle. Now prepare yourself for the latest twerking phenomena. A twerking front end loader. Yes, that is right, check out this video to watch an 18-ton front end loader twerk as a backup dancer at a heavy machinery trade show. Lovol Heavy Industry Company definitely wins for the craziest stunt to attract customers with this ridiculously dangerous stunt.  

The companies FL958G-II Wheel-loader is popped on two wheels shaking its substantial rear end as two pop singers and their crew dance around in front while a crowd gathers around. Is it just us or does this seem like a disaster waiting to happen? No doubt the driver of the loader has some sharp skills but the singers do seem awfully close. Not to mention how a new generation of heavy machinery drivers are being inspired to drive like they are in a Rihanna music video.

Lovol Heavy Industry Company is a is a large-scale industrial equipment manufacturer focusing on construction machinery. According to the company's website “Lovol is the largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in China and it provides information, technology, products and other sets of agricultural mechanization solutions to customers on the basis of world-level leading technology and service.”

It sounds like they really know how to make some tough machinery, we can only hope they leave the dancing to the experts.  

Via Foton Lovol


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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