2 Guys Dove into a Rock Quarry and Discovered a Sunken Boat and a Car at 70 Feet Deep

Watch these 2 guys scuba dive into a rock quarry in Birmingham, Alabama and find a sunken boat and a car.
Nursah Ergü

Have you ever wondered what's going on underwater? For most of us, life underwater is a mystery. Is there a secret kingdom there? Are there mermaids or other creatures like humans? 

This guy dove into a rock quarry in the middle of Birmingham, Alabama with a friend, and every 30 feet, there were thermal layers. 

According to him, every 30 feet, the temperature dropped around 10° Fahrenheit. Also, the visibility was changing too. Between 30 and 60 feet, it was hard to see for them. 

We witness them finding a sunken sailboat and a car at 70 feet deep. 

While watching the video, you feel the mystery and nostalgia together. You can't stop wondering about life underwater and at the same time, you can't stop thinking about the past of the car or the boat.

What happened to people in the car? Or in the boat? Why there's a car underwater? Do those people still exist? What's the story behind everything underwater? You just keep wondering while watching the video.

Of course, the video is not answering your questions about the story of the car or are there any secret kingdoms underwater, but it makes you want to try scuba diving really bad.  

Maybe one day you can find out the answers to these questions by yourself with scuba diving. Until then, this video can help you to follow your dreams about underwater. 

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