This 20-Foot Fire Tornado Firework Launcher is the Stuff of Dreams

Shelby Rogers

YouTube's Colin Furze knows exactly how to celebrate a victory. Once his channel reached 4 million subscribers, Furze decided to craft a massive fire tornado to launch his equally large display of fireworks. We certainly think Furze deserves every bit of elaborate celebration.

And, staying true to his video style, he walks you through how to craft the whole cage. You can watch part one on constructing the base here. For instructions on how to make the cage itself, watch here.

In an internet of cutting items with "insanely hot" knives, Furze's channel always stuck to truly innovative and fun engineering. There was that one time he built an AT-ACT in his garden. He crafted a homemade hoverbike. He even made this totally sick motorized drift trike. This fire tornado cage of awesomeness will definitely go down as one of our favorite Furze exploits.

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