Watch 25 Robot Vacuums Attack A Bunch of Spilled Rice At Once

In order to test them all, this guy feeds them like pigeons — a fleet of robotic pigeons that is.
Derya Ozdemir

There are those days where you'd think only a fleet of cleaning robots could handle the mess in your house — probably, everyone has had one. This video is for those days of long, lazy procrastination.

YouTube channel AdamsTechReviews, which focuses on robot vacuum cleaners, other tech stuff, and just "silly" videos, explains that he came home and realized he made a giant mess in his entryway after the bag of rice he was carrying spilled everywhere the day before. As you'd guess, he uses a total of 25 robot vacuum cleaners to solve his problem.

As the robot vacuum cleaners work and clean the place, he continues throwing rice down and feeds them like not-so-little robotic pigeons. If you've used a robot vacuum before, you'll know that using one can be like looking after a kindergartener — they tend to stop working whenever they want and can think basic thresholds are cliffs and get stuck, and admittedly, this makes the video all more fun. Enjoy!

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