3D Printed Pancakes Available At CES 2023

If you want to make 3D pancakes with very simple recipes that appeal not only to the stomach but also to the eyes, the 3D printing pancake machine is waiting for you at CES 2023.
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Isn’t it just amazing to wake up to the familiar scent of semi-burnt butter combined with the creamy aroma of freshly made pancakes for breakfast? Pancakes are generally considered to be a breakfast staple and can be enjoyed on their own or alongside eggs, ham, or bacon to name a few. This simple yet amazing dish also has a lot of varieties. Blueberry pancakes anyone?

Why are we suddenly talking about pancakes? Well, the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show just happens to let its participants experience food in 3D, pancakes to be particular.

3D printing isn’t just limited to creating solid models from digital files with plastic as the material. The technology of 3D printing can also be employed in food manufacturing, making it fun, innovative, and interesting.

Heads up, pancake lovers! This one is for you.

A 3D printing pancake machine is available at the event and this allows you to make pancakes in any color and size. The machine featured at the CES 2023 is the PancakeBot 2.0. The printing or cooking process requires pancake batter of an appropriate consistency to be loaded into the machine.

Several pancake designs can be made with the PancakeBot. In fact, you can actually design your own pancake using a free and downloadable software that is easy to use. From there, you can create your pancake design. You can have it in fun animal shapes or be fancy and create something like the Eiffel Tower perhaps?

The designs to be printed are then loaded via an SD card into the PancakeBot. Once a design is selected, the machine begins the printing process by layer. This allows the initial layers of the pancake batter to be set and has a different color, depending on the design, as they are cooked longer.

The machine settings can also be adjusted during the process. Adjustments can be made to the speed of printing and the pressure of the batter being poured into the griddle. The pancakes are ready for flipping once air bubbles appear. Just carefully guide your spatula into the edges, flip, and there it goes, your very own 3D-printed pancake.

The whole time it takes to 3D print a pancake might be compared to cooking normal pancakes. The idea behind employing 3D printing technology in food allows an enhanced experience for consumers by making it more appealing. For sure, kids and adults alike would enjoy eating custom-designed and 3D-printed pancakes. It would definitely be a fun way to fill both the stomach and soul!

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