3D Printing an Electric Human-Sized LEGO Go-Kart

Crazed inventor Matt Denton makes a super cool LEGO structure and takes us along for the ride.
Loukia Papadopoulos

All LEGO fans know you can make anything out of LEGOs. Anything? Yes, you heard that right - absolutely anything.

To prove us right, crazed inventor Matt Denton decided to 3D print a human-sized LEGO go-kart. Even more impressive, he decided to make it electric.

Denton took a real LEGO go-kart and decided to scale it up to human-size. His aim was to make it large enough for him to sit on.

Denton decided to add bolts to the structure so that he was not just relying on the LEGO attachments and glue. He also transformed the structure so it could be electrified.

He did all this on a computer program specifically for 3D printing. He also shares that he will seek to make a soft LEGO seat for the go-kart in order to have a more comfortable ride.

Denton prints the LEGO pieces and even tests them to see how much load they can bear. It seems the pieces can handle an 80kg load.

What does Denton's final go-kart look like? Does he make it large enough to ride? Does he manage to make a soft lego seat? You have to watch the video to find all that out! Enjoy!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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