479-HP Electric Power Wheels Tank: What Could Go Wrong?

The YouTubers tackling the project want to stuff full-sized EV components into the miniature tank.
Derya Ozdemir

Everyone dreams of having a team of equally wild friends with whom they can build crazy cars and contraptions in a small garage. Well, that dream is some people's reality. Jealous? 

The YouTube channel Grind Hard Plumbing Co is full of crazy projects made by Indiana-based friends such as hotwiring an abandoned Toyota Tacoma and turning it into a rock crawler or transforming an iconic BMW E36 into a rally truck; and in this video, they announce that they are building, according to their calculations, a 479 horsepower Power Wheels tank with EV parts they got from eBay.

What they'll be doing basically is that they will be stuffing the components into the Thunder Tank, which is the miniature military vehicle powered by a 24-volt drivetrain. Given the fact that it is geared for children, it is justifiably tiny which makes you wonder how they are going to stuff all the things they list into it. In the description, they wrote, "This will be the world's fastest and most capable Power Wheels build ever!"