5 of the Most Radioactive Places on Earth

From Fukushima to Chernobyl, are you familiar with them all?
Loukia Papadopoulos

Do you know what are the most radioactive places on earth? If the topic sounds familiar, it's because we have already covered it here and here.

So, do you remember them? The first on the list is the Instituto Goiano de Radioterapia in Goias in Brazil. This place's radioactivity began with a theft. Interested in knowing more? Make sure to watch our video.

Next, on the list is the Hanford Site, the main plutonium production facility for the USA’s nuclear weapon arsenal. While currently decommissioned, the site holds around two-thirds of the USA’s total high-level nuclear waste buried underground.

Third up is the Semipalatinsk Test Site, also known as ‘The Polygon’, in Kazakhstan. This area was used by the Soviet Union as one of their main nuclear weapon testing sites during the Cold War.

Fourth on the list is the famous Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine. This is one of the best known radioactive places on the planet. Finally, the last place goes to the most well-known nuclear disaster of all time: Fukushima in Japan caused by an infamous tsunami.

If you want to know the details and histories behind each of these radioactive places, watch our video. We provide all the information you could ever wonder about and more.

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