600 Gallons of Diesel Spills in Water Near Galapagos Islands

Crane accident sends hundreds of gallons of oil into the aquamarine waters of Galapagos.

Oil spill disasters are commercial and environmental catastrophes that are the perfect example of human error. Their effects are immediate and disastrous: they end the lives of thousands of species at a time and can not be taken back.

This video shows the moment a barge carrying 600 gallons of diesel sinks after a crane topples over. Hundreds of gallons of diesel sink deep into one of the world's most revered natural destinations: Galapagos Islands.

Contaminating the aquamarine waters of Ecuador, the spill prompted an emergency cleanup.

Startling footage shows workers attempting to load a shipping container onto an Orca-class patrol vessel. After the crane hoists the container over the ship, it comes crashing down onto the Orca and pulls the crane with it.

As the crane tumbles into the water crashingly, the ship flips onto its side as people on board rush to dive into the water.

After the accident, Ecuador government officials released a statement saying that the military personnel placed hydrocarbon materials and containment barriers around the area to prevent further leaks.

The Galapagos Islands are home to unique and protected animals found nowhere else on earth. Accidents such as these threaten the wildlife there greatly. 

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