79-Year Old Plumber Says White Bread is An Essential Tool for The Job

"Use the bread to stop the leaks," says Larry.
Jessica Miley

The secret to a long and productive life might be white bread.

A 79-year old contractor has shared a secret for fixing leaks in copper pipes with Reddit user aacook and one that involves key sandwich ingredients.

According to Larry, the plumber, when you need to solder a copper pipe that has a leak, first stuff it with a tightly rolled pie of fresh white bread!

Fresh bread is the key, he insists. The bread will stop the leak long enough to get the soldering done. Larry says he is turning 80 years old this year and attributes his good mental health to working every single day.

The trick seems to have worked for Larry as he is obviously still getting employed to do jobs despite his age and unusual tools. The video of Larry explaining his technique first appeared on Reddit where commentators were jealous of Larry’s good looks and high energy.

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Weirdly the discussion delved deep into tricks to promote old age and health with little regard that the plumber suggested using bread as a means of fixing pipes!

But if you are after the elixir of life and believe what you read on Reddit, you are going to not only going to need to be fit and active late into your life, you need to be blessed with good genes too!

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