9 Amazing Practical Everyday Uses of Paperclips

Paperclips are not just for clipping paper. As these 9 practical everyday uses of paperclips testifies.
Christopher McFadden

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If you have a pile of unused paperclips lying around, why not put them to work with some of these amazing everyday applications. Thankfully most of these interesting uses aren't too taxing on the old grey matter either. 



But before getting into the nitty-gritty, you'll need to gather together some materials. 

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And that's it.

With all the materials in hand. it is now time to crack on with making some great paperclip-related solutions to daily problems. 

1. Handy sticky-backed tape end finder

everyday uses of paperclips sticky tape
Source: Interesting Engineering

This handy everyday use of paperclips solves one of life's greatest problems -- finding the end of a roll of sticky tape. Well, thanks to the power of paperclips, this will never be a problem ever again.

Simply take one paperclip, stick it to the end of the sticky tape, and roll it over a few times. This will save you an absolute ton of time in the future. 

You are welcome!

2. Use paperclips to repair zippers

everyday uses of paperclips zipper
Source:Interesting Engineering

Another bane of everyone's life is when zipper pulls break off the slider. This makes it nye-on impossible to open and close them thereafter.

While you could get them replaced at a tailor, it is so much sweeter to find your own DIY solution. 

Well, it is time to employ man's best friend the paperclip once again. Simply loop the paperclip through the eye of the zipper slider. Now you will never have to worry about a broken zipper ever again. 

3. Make your own laptop webcam privacy clip

everyday uses of paperclips webcam
Source: Interesting Engineering

Another interesting everyday use of paperclips is making your own laptop webcam privacy clip. To do this, you'll need a paperclip (obviously) and some opaque tape, like electrical insulation tape. 

Pry apart the inner and outer loops of the paperclip and wind some insulation tape around the end of the long arm of the clip. Now you just need to clip it over the webcam of your laptop. 

Never again will you need to worry about being spied on by nefarious agents on the net. Win, win. 

4. Make a paperclip holder with a paperclip!

everyday uses of paperclips clip
Source:Interesting Engineering

If your desk, or draw, is littered with loose paperclips, you might want to find a way of organizing them? Well, did you know you can actually use one of them to make a paperclip, well, clip!

Simply completely unwind a paperclip, and wind the midpoint around a pencil twice to form a loop. Now, cut on of the arms shorter than the other, and bend one end at 90 degrees towards the shorter arm.

The last step is to bend the end of the right-angled arm over the top of the shorter arm to form a basic clasp. Now you open up the clip and feed your spare paperclips onto it and secure with your freshly made clasp. 

5. Make some basic keyrings with paperclips

everyday uses of paperclips keyring
Source:Interesting Engineering

If you have a need for more keyrings and don't want to go outside to buy some, why not consider crafting your own using old paperclips. This everyday use of paperclips is very simple to replicate too.

Simply straighten out a paperclip, and wind around something like a board marker until you've made a complete ring. Now simply add keys to it!

6. Make a cable tidy using a paperclip and some rubber bands

everyday uses of paperclips cable tidy
Source:Interesting Engineering

Did you know you can also make cable tidies using just a paperclip and a rubber band? To do this, just tie the elastic band to the paperclip, as shown in the video, wrap around a messy cable, and the rubber band to the paperclip to keep it all in order. 

7. Or you could make a paperclip chain to keep your cable tidy

everyday uses of paperclips chain
Source:Interesting Engineering

Another great everyday use of paperclips is to make a basic chain with several paperclips. With the chain complete, simply wrap the chain around whatever it is you want to be secured, and chain the two end paperclips together! 

8. Make a basic phone stand using a paperclip

everyday uses of paperclips stand
Source:Interesting Engineering

Another amazingly simple everyday uses of paperclips are to make a basic phone stand. To do this simply bend the arms of the paperclip as shown in the video. 

9. And finally, why not make your own tiny "pocking thingy"

everyday uses of paperclips poker
Source:Interesting Engineering

And lastly, but by no means least, you can make a basic, and handy, little pocking device with a paperclip too. Simply bend the end of the outermost paperclip arm at 90 degrees to the main clip.

Hey, presto! Now you can poke things like smartphone Micro-SD slots to open them. Awesome.

And that's a wrap. Do you see yourself making any of these great paperclip-based solutions to everyday problems? Or do you have any other suggestions?

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