9+ Futuristic Concept Vehicles Straight Out of a Science Fiction Film

We bring you vehicles that are autonomous, AI-powered, self-healing, and more.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Do you ever wonder what the future of automobiles might be? Is it autonomous? Is it AI-powered? How about it being self-healing? In this video, we bring you a few advanced and real concept cars that are all these things and more.

First up is the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR. If it sounds familiar, it's because we have already showcased this extraordinary vehicle. The car was inspired by James Cameron's 2009 Avatar, so you know it's bound to have some impressive features.

The rear end of the AVTR is covered in 33 scales that are named “bionic flaps” by Mercedes. These flaps could be used for communicating with people outside the car. But that's not all.

AVTR is designed to act like a “living organism” that connects with its driver and allows them to feel one with the world around them. It can even sense the driver’s breathing and pulse.

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It's also quite sustainable. Its interiors are made of recycled materials such as “Dinamca” faux leather and ”Karoon” which is a type of wood harvested from roots found in the Amazon rainforest. And this is just one of the vehicles we feature in our video. Watch to see them all.

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