9 Products Changing the World for the Better

We all want to invent something that truly makes a difference. These 9 inventors did!

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We all thought about it when we were little. We wanted to grow up to invent something that truly makes a difference. We want to be heroes. 

In this video, we bring you a few hero inventions that are definitely changing the world for the better. First up is Guillermo Martínez who is making 3D-printed prosthetic limbs for people in low-income countries. He makes them for free, of course, and has distributed them all over Kenya.

Next, there’s the invention of the Ziesel Multipurpose Vehicle. This vehicle could well be the future of wheelchairs as it can be used year-round and operates just as efficiently on land as it does on snow, sand, mud, grass, and more.


The AssiStep helps people with special needs climb stairs safely. It is much more cost-efficient than an elevator and some would say it also does the job much better. Flame-throwing Tractors are used by farmers to rid their crops of weeds with torches and propane tanks rather than with dangerous and messy chemicals. Ecovative Design uses mushrooms to produce fully biodegradable packaging and bacon. 

Are you excited about these products? Well, there are more of these ingenious ideas in our video. Watch and see what the mind can achieve if properly motivated.

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