A 190-Ton Transformer Is Transported across Germany to Switzerland in Just 16 Days

Moving from roads, to boats, railroads and finally into the Swiss mountains, this is an impressive engineering and logistics feat.
Fabienne Lang

If you've ever struggled to navigate and drive your car around a tight corner, or through narrow winding streets, you'll think twice before complaining next time. In this video, a team of engineers and logistics personnel transport a 190-ton transformer from Germany all the way to Switzerland. 

Not an easy task! 

Starting off with a 105-kilometer drive, the journey begins on German roads. Next, the transformer has to be moved from the roads and onto a boat to cross the Rhine River. Next up the transformer is moved onto a train, and then back again onto a flatbed truck.

The roads take on a different look here.

The straight and larger German roads have now been replaced by narrow and winding country roads, as the truck makes its way up the Swiss mountains. Narrowly working its way around tiny streets in small villages, the truck and transformer appear to loom over the sweet village houses. 

Arriving near its destination, the transformer is then moved underground, to the funicular railroad that passes under the mountains. Finally, it's lowered into its final position, 200 meters down into the caverns of its installation site.

The trip of a lifetime, some might say! 

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