A Bioprinted Pancreas Could Spell the End for Diabetes

The newly printed pancreas secretes a spectrum of critical hormones like insulin.

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We have all heard of diabetes and its debilitating effects on those afflicted with it. Scientists have been looking for a cure for this disease for years and they may have now stumbled on one in the form of a bioprinted pancreas.

How does it work? And who is leading this medical breakthrough? Readily3D, a spin-off of EPFL, has engineered a new method to print biological tissues using a biological gel that contains the patient's stem cells. 

The new method takes just 30 seconds for living tissue to be printed out on a bioprinter complete with blood vessels and all. The medical advancement could completely revolutionize how we produce replacement organs because believe it or not the organ it produces works exactly like a real pancreas. Indeed, the newly printed pancreas secretes a spectrum of critical hormones like insulin, which help regulate blood sugar levels.


This means that a new cure for diabetes may come in the form of generating a bio-printed pancreas to exactly match the patient's deficient one. Patients can now say goodbye to the drugs they once used and all their pesky to dangerous side effects.
Better yet, the technology could even one day be used to build all kinds of other organs. It's innovation at its best.

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