A Cheetah and A Formula E Car Face Each Other in An Epic Drag Race

The Techeetach Formula E team have created a video of racing their car against a real-life cheetah to see who will take the crown.
Jessica Miley

A cheetah can go from 0 to 103 kilometers per hour in about three seconds, similar statistics to the Techeetah Formula E car that is set to race in Hong Kong this weekend. The team decided to put the car's namesake to the ultimate test and have created this short video of a cheetah and a Techeetah going head to head in the ultimate drag race. As well as promoting the big race weekend ahead, the video aims to raise awareness about the threat of climate change to wildlife. The Techeetach Formula E team are partners of the United Nations Environment division and the film is timed to mark the start of the latest United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi.

There are less than 7,000 cheetahs remaining in the wild. The remaining population is threatened by the rising temperatures of the globe caused by human-created global warming. The driver in the video, Jean-Eric Vergne, says “The Techeetah Formula E Team and I want to be part of raising awareness for the wider impact that climate change has on our planet." He adds, "We have a strong desire to raise awareness for the main threats cheetahs face, such as the illegal trade of cubs for pets, loss of prey due to habitat loss and fragmentation aggravated by climate change." The film was made in conjunction with trained animal handlers and welfare organizations. Formula E founder and chief executive Alejandro Agag describes the making of the film saying: “We knew the similarities in performance between the Formula E car and a cheetah, so we were curious to see the outcome.” Watch the whole film to see the result of the race for yourself.

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