A Craftsman Built Airless Tires For His Bike, And It Works

The DIY project is cheap and simple.

An airless tire that is puncture-free, better for the environment, and minimizes danger on roads; could there be a better trio? Puncture-resistant tires have been a fascinating concept for a long time: The tire maker, Michelin, for example, has been working on building airless tires since 2005, and it only recently took its airless tires for a spin for the first time on an electric vehicle.

While there are some engineering challenges that need to be tackled before airless tires can hit the road and become mainstream, you can still get a taste of what it's like to ride on one by making your own. In this video from The Q on YouTube, you can learn how you can build one yourself using PVC pipes, bolts, and nuts in a cheap and simple manner. Your bike will never get a flat tire after this!

While the construction needs to be modified as noted in the description box, it's a totally functional design that'll get your DIY juices flowing. Make sure to check out the video posted above, and as usual, have fun!

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