A DIY Gesture-Control Model Car

You might be stuck inside but this toy car can go anywhere!
Loukia Papadopoulos

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What if you could make a car that is controlled by your hand gestures? Wouldn't that be neat?

Imagine the adventures you could have with such a toy. Well, you can make such a car.

This project is not for everyone. It does require some advanced expertise and tools. But it sure is fun to watch.

What you need to make the car are the following items: an accelerometer, a couple of RF 433, an HT12E, an HT12D, a motor driver, a couple of BO motors, a prototyping board, and four caster wheels.

You start by taking a rectangular piece of wood and cutting it in three pieces: two smaller equal ones and one bigger one. You glue the two smaller pieces on the edge of the bigger piece.

You then take the BO motors and glue them on the sides of the smaller pieces. This makes four BO motors in total. Next, you place the wheels on the BO motors.

Using wires you connect the BO motors to each other on each side of the now-base of your car. You now have the foundation of your toy car. What do you do next? You have to watch the video to find out!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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