A Floating Boat that Can Tackle the High Seas

This toy makes a great present for a kid or an adult and you can make it at home.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Toy boats are fun to play with especially if they have a DC motor that allows them to tackle the high seas. What if you could make such a robot at home? It requires the right tools and expertise but it can be done.

First cut a piece of wood in the shape of a boat. Next, using cardboard paper, make a round propeller. Cut a circle and cut three lines inside the circle. Bend the paper along the lines to make it in the shape of a propeller.

Put the tiny propeller on a rod taken from a pen. Make sure it turns. Then stick it on a small piece of wood. Stick that piece of wood on one side of the wooden boat and on the other side stick the DC motor. Connect the motor to the propeller using an elastic.

Now you have a functioning propeller. When the motor turns the elastic makes the propeller turn. Connect the DC motor to a battery pack and glue the battery to the boat. Secure the battery pack with several pieces of wood. 

You now have a floating boat that can travel the high seas with its DC motor. Be careful that it does not go too far!