A DIY Eclectic Four-Legged Box Made out of Wood

Making this box requires an expertise in woodwork, but it sure is fun to watch.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Want a stylish, eclectic, and unique wooden box to put your jewelry in? This video shows how you can make one yourself. The process requires the right tools and expertise in woodworking so it is not for everyone but it sure is fun to watch someone else do it!

First cut two large pieces of wood and glue them together to make a thicker piece. Draw a square shape with circular ends on the wood pieces and cut along those lines. Cut a smaller similar shape so that you are left with just the outline of this squarish circular shape.

Glue the edge of that shape together. Use clamps to let the glue dry. Stick a square piece of wood behind the squarish circular shape to make the back of the box. Remove the parts that stick out so that it too has the same squarish circular shape.

Create a box with the same shape that goes inside the first box. You now have the basis of your jewelry box. Create a stand with four circular legs. Make sure the legs are screwed in properly. Stick the legs at the bottom of your squarish circular box. 

Your box is now complete. You can use it to store all your beautiful jewelry. 

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