A DIY Man Stored Solar Power on His Roof. With a Water Battery?

People do this.
Derya Ozdemir

Here's a sobering reminder: California produces so much solar power it has to basically pay other states to take it. While some of that is due to existing power company contracts, if California had adequate energy storage, many of the state's electricity difficulties would be resolved fairly fast. While solar energy is the most abundant energy we have, we aren't able to make the most of it, simply because we don't yet have the means to store it efficiently.

In this video, the host of the YouTube channel Quint BUILDs explains how you could store enough energy to power a portion of a home for several hours without using regular batteries. He accomplishes this by using solar power to pump water up onto his roof and then releasing it to generate electricity. The solutions to the numerous problems he encounters while doing the project are almost as fun to see as the system itself, so if you want to see how he manages to pull it off, watch the video above, and enjoy.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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