A DIY Minecraft Lamp Made from Scratch

If you like the game, you will love this lamp.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Do you love Minecraft? How would you feel about a Minecraft lamp? If the answer is that you would love it then we have good news. You can make one yourself. 

Start by taking plastic squares of all kinds of colors. Place them one next to the other until you build a giant square on a thin plastic sheet.

Then create a cube shape using see-through thick plastic glass. Glue the pieces together using a hot melt glue gun and make sure to use clamps to guarantee the pieces are stuck together.

Take the plastic sheet made up of the different colored squares. Pour glue all over it and spread it out to ensure it goes everywhere. Stick it on one side of the glass cube. Repeat this process for all sides of the cube except the bottom.

Inside the glass cube, use a black marker to draw out some square shapes. Put tape on the rest of the areas that are not drawn. This will ensure the light will only shine through those shapes.

Place a light inside the cube from the bottom. Turn on the light. You now have a Minecraft lamp that shines through only specific areas!

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