A DIY RC Tank Made Out Of Cardboard

Cardboard can be used for so much more than just boxes!
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Cardboard is great for boxes but do you know it can also be used to make an RC tank? The process is not an easy one as it requires the right tools and quite some expertise but it sure makes for a fun video to watch.

First, build the bottom of the tank by gluing together pieces of cardboard. Then take old bottle caps and glue two of each together and place them on each side of a bunch of rods. These rods have to be the size of the bottom of the tank. Make sure the caps placed on the rods can turn.

Glue the rods along the bottom of the tank. Now, you have got the tank's wheels. Next, you need to add the remote-controlled motor. Place this motor along with a battery inside the bottom of the tank so it is not seen from the outside.

Test the motor to see if it works. If the wheels turn, you are good to go. In fact, these wheels are so efficient that they can even climb over small obstacles such as books on the floor. Next, take some more carbon and glue together the top of the tank. Now, the battery and motor are hidden from view and you have a cool-looking RC tank!