A Man Digitalizes an Old Piano with 8 Electronic Devices and It's the Best Thing Ever

This man digitalized an old piano with 8 electronic devices and it's fun to watch.
Nursah Ergü

If you play the piano, you must be familiar with the fact that the new pianos can be really expensive. But if you are a piano enthusiast, should this fact stop you from playing the piano? Absolutely not. 

A man bought an old, worn piano just to turn it into the most technological musical instrument in the world. He worked five months to create it and voila, he created an amazing device. 

He put eight different electronic devices in it; a digital piano, an electronic opening top, a display and a pc, a speaker set, a sit-stand desk, and a horn! You should be wondering about the 8th device. Any guesses? It is... a light that makes it even cooler to play at night!

The pianist and composer Joffry Arthur played the piano to an audience and all the people looked so surprised and entertained with all the devices they were shown. 

High prices, not having enough time or energy, nothing should stop you from having a dream and working hard to make it real. If this man thought of a project about his passion and made a fabulous plan and worked for five months to turn it into reality, you can also do anything you want. 

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