A Metal Smoking Pipe Made from Scratch

Watch the extraordinary process of a metal smoking pipe being created from scratch.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If the video player is not working, you can click on this alternative video link.

In this video, you see a metal smoking pipe being made from scratch. The process is not easy to replicate as it requires advanced tools and expertise but it sure is fun to watch.

First, a hole is drilled into the side of a large circular silver piece of metal. The piece of metal is then cut in half while another hole is drilled right in its middle. Five more holes are drilled on the side of this piece of metal and three on its other side.

Three lines are drilled all along the side of the large circular piece of metal. Smaller chrome circular pieces of metals are cut up and drilled to be pointy. They are then inserted into the holes of the silver piece of metal. This big piece of metal is the chamber of the pipe and the chrome pieces are decorative.

A long thin circular piece of silver metal is then created with a hole in its middle. This piece is the stem of the pipe. The stem is inserted into the side hole of the chamber. The bit and the lip of the pipe are also added. Now the metal pipe is complete!

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