A Realistic Metal Toy Cannon Made from Scratch

Watch as this expert in metalworking creates an impressive metal cannon toy from scratch.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Did you know you could make a toy metal cannon? OK, this statement is a bit misleading. Making such a toy would require many advanced tools and expertise in metalworking. Still, the process is fun to watch.

First, take a gold circular piece of metal and drill a hole into its middle. Take a smaller silver circular piece of metal and cut it. Stick it at the end of the gold piece.

Take the new gold piece and shape it into the barrel of the cannon. Then drill several holes in it. Create a silver ring that fits at the end of the barrel. Place it at one of its sides. Create two more silver rings and place them in the middle of the barrel. You now have a gold and silver barrel.

Take two larger gold circular pieces. These will be used to create the wheels of the toy cannon. Make holes in them in the shape of wheels. Next, using a black material, create the two pieces that will hold up the wheels and connect the barrel to them: the carriage of the cannon. 

Using silver pieces connect the wheels to the barrel through the black material. You now have a realistic metal cannon toy! 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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