A Robot Called Digit V2 May Replace Your Delivery Man

See the delivery robot Digit V2 that is designed to become a part of the delivery industry.
Nursah Ergü

Robots can do a lot of things now. They can play the violin, they can play ball, they can clean the house...After Boston Dynamics released a video of their robot Atlas doing parkour, we understood that Robots are fastly evolving...into humans, maybe?

Right now we're faced with a different kind of robot. It's Digit V2, a special delivery robot produced by Agility Robotics. The same company released another robot called Cassie in 2017. 

With the new robot, Digit V2, Agility Robotics brings a breath of fresh air. They aim to change the delivery sector innovatively and change the conventional deliveryman with their delivery robot. As you can see in the video, even if it's just the beginning of an era, the delivery robots seem quite good. 

Also, if you think about the price/performance ratio, it's almost sure that robots will return the profit. As you can imagine, you don't have to pay for the robots! Of course, until artificial intelligence takes over our world and makes us its robots, but it's another story.

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So, it's been discussed for a while now that in the near future robots will occupy many occupations and many people will be unemployed. And the developments in the sector of robots don't tell us the opposite. What do you think? Do you think robots will take over our places or does it sound like a sci-fi scenario for you?

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