A Singing Inventor Created a New Musical Instrument. Using Marbles?

And it has 784 parts!
Derya Ozdemir

Have you ever wondered how a marble music machine would sound? In this video by the YouTuber Ivan Miranda, you can learn just that. Inspired by the original Wintergatan machine, which is essentially a music box that uses marbles to play instruments, Miranda makes a marble music machine by 3D printing all the parts, without any plans whatsoever.

Normally, a Wintergatan machine works by lifting steel marbles through the machine into separate feeder tubes. There, they are subsequently released from a predetermined height using programmable release gates, and the whole thing is powered by a hand crank. The marbles then fall to the ground and strike a musical instrument. In his own version, Miranda makes everything from scratch, and only the drum isn't 3D printed. Instead, he crafted it from resin, along with an aluminum frame. If you want to see how he pulled the project off and how the music machine works, make sure you watch the video embedded above and, as always, enjoy!

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