A Speedy and Efficient Robot That Can Make 300 12-inch Pizzas an Hour

The robot uses computer vision to make the perfect pizza.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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A Seattle company named Picnic has made an impressive speedy and efficient artificial intelligence-powered pizza-making robot. The bot can make 300 12-inch pizzas an hour and that's not all! The robot is modular which means it can be customized to each user's desires. It can, therefore, accommodate a variety of toppings.

The robot uses computer vision to figure out the size and placement of each topping according to the crust that has been loaded. Its makers say it has many advantages. For one, it guarantees the consistency of a recipe. Human pizza makers can accidentally make each pizza differently whereas a robot always stays true to the programmed recipe.

For another, it is very small so it fits into any commercial kitchen without a retrofit. It is also highly portable which means it can also be put into any food truck. It also allows for labor savings. But before you go and think it is killing jobs, it should be noted that there is a global shortage of laborers in the food industry. In that sense, the robot is actually fulfilling some much-needed roles. Overall, the bot saves time and money while doing a great job.

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