A Terrifyingly Strong Tornado Destroyed This Concrete Building in Seconds

Incredible footage has been released that captures a tornado as it hits a workplace in South Carolina earlier this year. The ferocious storm flatten the building in mere moments.
Jessica Miley

This video captures the moments when an EF2 Tornado struck Spartanburg in South Carolina on October 23rd, 2017. The powerful storm destroys this concrete block and steel building in seconds. Things appear calm inside the building as glimpses of the inclement weather are seen through a window, but just moments later the tornado hits, tearing down the walls of this workspace and leaving a forklift on its side. None of the lucky workers on site were injured or killed in the incident. 

While severe warnings were laid out across the state in anticipation of the storm, the video shows that these men had little time to prepare before the tornado hit their building with full force. The tornado left a trail of destruction across the state including buildings with roof ripped off, damaged vehicles and flash flooding. Tornadoes form during severe storms when there is a distinct change in air temperature in the lower and upper systems combined with wind shear or rapidly changing wind conditions. Tornados are a rapidly rotating column of air that touches both the earth plane and the cloud base. In the Southern hemisphere, the same phenomena are known as a cyclone. Tornados can vary in size, shape, and intensity. Tornadoes can be commonplace in the southern states of America. Meteorologist James Spann describes their regularity. "You've got your spring season, which spans the traditional spring months, March, April, and May," he says. "Then you have your fall season, which falls in November and December. So there's really two seasons in the Deep South."