A Tesla Model S Races a Boeing 737 You Will Not Believe What Happens

Is there anything a Tesla cannot do?
Interesting Engineering

This is probably not a headline you thought you would see about the electric car company. However, it is definitely mind-boggling. This not your standard race, nor is it your standard car. Tesla dramatically disrupted the automotive industry.  Tesla has been making the headlines lately with its newly unveiled affordable and clean-looking Model 3 sedan. However Tesla's cars aren't just stylish, they're actually really fast as well.

The Model S perfectly exudes this power. Just listen to these statistics. It has 520 miles of range just off of one charge and travel 0-100kph in less than three seconds. This faster than most sports cars on the roads. As it turns out, electric motors can be faster than the jet turbines on a Qantas Boeing 737, a plane that generates 50,000 pounds of force.