A Walking Robot Made out of Cardboard

With the right tools and a little creativity, you too can make this moving robot.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Did you know you could make a walking robot out of cardboard? With the right tools and expertise, you can. All it requires is a little creativity and a lot of imagination.

First cut four rectangular pieces of cardboard, two small ones and two big ones. Make three holes in the large rectangular pieces. Then, cut up long pieces of thin plastic straws into smaller pieces.

Put these small straw pieces inside the holes. Glue them into place. Next, stick the smaller rectangular pieces at the edge of each side of the larger rectangular piece. Stick a motor at the bottom of it too.

Draw three circles on a cardboard paper and cut them out. Do this three times. Place a wooden stick in the middle of these circles and stick the circles together. Do this three times.

Take the wooden pieces with the circles and stick them into the plastic holes. Make sure the circles connect with each other and use elastics to further connect them to the motor. Now, every time the motor turns the wooden sticks turn. 

The next steps get a little more complicated so we won't share them here. We will tell you they are fun to watch as you see the transformation from pieces of cardboard to a moving walking robot!

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