A Wooden Chest Fit for a Pirate

With the right tools and knowledge in woodworking, you can build a chest that would make a pirate proud.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Think wooden chests are only for pirates? Think again. Wooden chests are stylish furniture items ideal for storing anything your heart desires. 

In this video, we can see how, with the right tools and knowledge in woodworking, one can build a wooden chest fit for a pirate. You may not have the expertise to replicate this process but it sure is fun to watch.

Start with four pieces of wood and then cut them up in smaller pieces. Using special wood glue, glue the pieces together and secure them with a clamp. Do this three times for the other sides of the chest and then repeat the same thing with smaller pieces of wood for the smaller sides of the chest.

Cut two pieces in a half-circle shape for the top of the wooden chest. Glue these pieces on the top of the sides. Glue the rest of the pieces together. Using thinner pieces of wood create the top of the chest by gluing them one next to the other.

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You now have the foundation of your chest. Cut up half-circular pieces to add to the top of the chest. Add handles to your chest by screwing them in and paint it. Add some other decorative elements of your choice and your wooden chest is complete.

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