A World Where Everyone Is a Genius Might Not Be as Great as It Sounds

Ever wondered what would happen if everyone in the world became a genius? Watch this video for fascinating insights.
Jessica Miley

YouTube channel ‘SMART IS THE NEW SEXY’ theories about what would happen if there were more geniuses in the world. The video starts by making a top ten list of contemporary geniuses. Unfortunately, the list is white male dominated and doesn’t look broadly at the incredible array of talent around us.

The video continues list style going over traits and possibilities suggested by different scientists on the subject. According to one list of ten important trends for getting smarter, scientists have identified that humility is a character trait that occurs in many people considered a genius.

Humility is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “freedom from pride or arrogance: the quality or state of being humble.” In other words, people who have humility never assume they are right. Which is a great thing to be doing if you want to always learn more by questioning what you know, what you presume to know and what others know.

While being a genius might also require some determinants and bravery to seek out the new and unexpected, being able to ask for help in time of trouble and to not overly brag about your achievements must also go a long way when on the cusp of reinventing the world, particularly when working in collaboration.