A YouTuber Made a Portable Nintendo Wii the Size of a Game Boy

Its creator says his device is even better than the Wii.

There's no denying that Nintendo Wii has incredible games. And some of the best games have not been ported to the Switch, making it hard to play on the go.

Now, one ingenious YouTuber called GingerOfMods has crammed a Wii into a game boy sized portable console, and boy is it a sight to see! How did he do it?

Well, it was no easy task as he shares in his video. He first had to carefully 3D print the outer shell and then collect a bunch of other parts needed to put together both the insides and the final details.

The screen was from a car back up camera, the joysticks were from a Nintendo Switch, the face buttons from a DS Lite, and the last two were both connected using the circuitry of a GameCube controller. Meanwhile, the back of the console is equipped with two triggers, Z-buttons, and a fan for cooling.

The final product has a 3.5-inch 480p display, which GingerOfMods says makes the games look better, and a USB-C port that can connect to an external battery pack. Finally, there is also a headphone jack for when you want to play without disturbing anyone.

The whole thing took 9 months of work to build but you will believe it was well worth the wait and effort when you see the final product.

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