A YouTuber Put Saltwater and Seaweed in a Jar for a Year to See What Happens

Follow the fascinating story of how this ecosystem survives.
Loukia Papadopoulos

YouTuber Life in Jars? experimented with putting saltwater and seaweed in a closed jar for a year and shared the results. The video explains how this seaweed in a jar basically becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem.

He first says how he captured a starfish and a crab who disappeared the next day. But, however, another crab in its larvae stage lasted much longer and actually grew.

He also captured a sea worm, a type of jiggly worm and a shrimp. As the crab grew he started to have a lot more crab-like features. 

Even the glass had a vibrant species population. After two months, the crab had further grown and was doing well.

Around the two months mark, new sea lettuce and algae started to grow in the jar. The glass population had also grown and now included paramecium.

Not all is well though. In the five-month mark, the crab died. The YouTuber was worried that the ecosystem could not survive the inevitable ammonia spike that comes with the dead crab body.

We won't tell you what happened next. You have to watch the video and see for yourself how this closed ecosystem adapts.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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