YouTuber Reveals Spare Tire Made From Rolls of Duct Tape

Mechanic vlogger Life OD posts a video of his team equipping a Toyota station wagon with a spare tire made from 20 rolls of duct tape.
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"Can you make a tire out of duct tape?" asks mechanic and YouTuber Life OD at the beginning of his latest video. He goes on to impressively prove you can!

20 rolls of tape

Life OD and his team start their unique experiment by sourcing a large amount of duct tape. They estimated they would need 50 rolls but the small tire on their old and beat up blue Toyota station wagon only turns out to need about 20.

The team uses the first rolls to create an inner tube by wrapping the inside of a steel rim. Viewers can watch as the car's wheel turns and turns, each time adding more layers of tape to its growing frame. 


The inventive mechanics then take their newly created tire for a test run. The duct tape seems to function quite effectively in spite of some wobbling. 

A burnout test is then conducted. After much opposition, they get the tire to rotate leading to a smokey explosion that leaves pieces of plastic scattered everywhere. 

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This is not the first experiment of its sort Life OD has conducted. In the comments is pinned a reference to a similar video featuring a tire made of rubber bands.

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