Abandoned Baltimore House Has an Eerie Swimming Pool inside of It

This video shows a mysterious house in Baltimore that is not what it seems.
Derya Ozdemir

Recently, Inner Harbor Homes has listed a bizarre townhouse that looks ordinary at first sight. Finding a buyer might not be that easy though since the house is more like a pool-house than a real house.

It is hard not to think that whoever designed this place had a real obsession with pools and wanted to live in one. The actual place is barely large enough for a hot tub, however, the pool on the ground floor is actually 15 ft. 

As it is clearly shown in the video, the pool is the star of the show. Everything around it is designed to accommodate the pool itself. There aren't any useless rooms where you can sleep or cook in: all of these are sacrificed in the name of having a pool-house. Floors above are used to create an open space which holds numerous platforms where you can just dive right into the pool.