Accurate Comparison of Fictional and Real Spacecraft’s Sizes

From Serleena's Ship in 'Men In Black' to 'Rick and Morty's Space Cruiser, you're going to love it.
Deniz Yildiran

Today, we have an exciting video, a delicate work that will appeal to sci-fi enthusiasts who admire fictional starships. The video compares the famous fictional spacecraft's sizes, along with some real ones, which appeared in various movies, series, and video games; and we bet that you'll have thought that the video was worth the 12 minutes and 35 seconds of your life at the end of it.

From 0.9 feet (30 cm) tall Serleena's Ship in Men In Black to Rick and Morty's Space Cruiser which is 137.7 inches (3.5 m) in diameter, you will get to compare some of them for human scale too. Seeing all the spaceships, space stations, and other types of space structures together, so to speak, got us all amazed. Especially, Insterstellar's Endurance once again reminded us of those scenes flashing back to the giant, majestic black hole Gargantua. Make sure that you don't miss out on SpaceX's Dragon 2 somewhere inside.

The video finishes up with Installation 00, which is 5020866141.7 inches (127,530 km) in diameter being compared to our Sun's 864,938 miles (1,392,700 km) diameter. We're sure that you'll discover many other fictional and real spacecraft and spaceships that you've never heard before. As a plus, you might just want to add the mentioned movies to your watchlist. So, indeed, you'll experience your first win-win situation on the very first day of the year. Let's go!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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