AI Created by MIT Assists Knitters to Design and Create a Woolly Hat or Glove

MIT researchers put their heads together to create a nifty computer-aided knitting machine.
Fabienne Lang

If you've ever struggled with a knitting design or pattern, now's the time to get back into it without any of the frustrations. You won't even need a pair of knitting needles.

A group of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) researchers have put their heads together to create a computer-aided knitting system. And it does all the handy work for you. 

The user simply inputs the design and dimensions they're looking for, then the computer sends all the information to the knitting machine, which then prints the garment in the wool of your color. 

It's an especially great option for newbie knitters who think knitting is too difficult. Two non-knitters manage to replicate and create their very own designs and make gloves and bobble hats, in this short video.

It certainly appears to be an easy and swift system to create some fun gifts or personal attire, however, it does take away the tactile side of knitting altogether. That said, it could be a great option for bigger manufacturing companies, making the creation of woolly knitted objects and garments faster, and also more efficient by eliminating waste. 

Time to put your knitting needles to the side but keep your creative cap on!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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