Watch an Airbag Turn This Old Microwave into a Lethal Weapon

Kathleen Villaluz

At least once in your lifetime, you must have thought about what it would be like to microwave random things just to see if they will explode or not. It won't even be a surprise if you've already taken a stab at conducting some dangerous domestic experiments using a microwave. Simply because exploding innocent objects is everyone's thing. And the Slow Mo Guys are no different as they thought that microwaving an airbag is a good idea. Well, we'll let the explosion video speak for itself. To provide us with high-quality slow motion video, they configured their camera equipment at a maximum of 2,000 frames per second and the results are truly explosive.

These guys have thought the whole thing out thoroughly - they chose to use an old fashioned dial microwave so it won't be hazardous for them to set on the electronic appliance. The first attempt was slightly mediocre but nonetheless explosive. So, to make their slow motion microwaving an airbag experiment epic, they decided to garnish the airbag package with colored powders. And for some reason, at the second time around, the microwaving process ended being more powerful than the first attempt. The exploding airbag completely annihilated the microwave door, spitting it out as a forceful projectile. It's quite interesting to see how the colored paint added extra visuals on the explosion. However, the highlight of the second explosion is probably how the fence panel jerked forward as the microwave's door bounced off it.