Amateur Chemist Turns Plastic Glove Into Grape Soda

And it is actually drinkable!

Today in it's not magic, it's science; amateur chemist YouTuber NileRed explains how he transforms plastic gloves into grape soda. 

He explains that he decided to do this video after realizing vinyl gloves contain phthalate ester, which is a chemically similar compound to methyl anthranilate that is also used in grape-flavored foods. He goes through the five major steps to make this transformation possible. This transformation is possible because all of the five steps include a benzene ring like a lot of organic compounds and funny this is, it looks like grape juice at many stages of the process before it was even finished.

He has a lot of videos where he transforms seemingly unrelated things into each other, for example turning toiler paper into moonshine. He makes chemistry look like cooking with his carefully explained, soothing videos; so if you want to expand your knowledge on chemistry, his channel is worth a binge-watch. Enjoy!

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