Amaze Your Friends With this DIY Electromagnetic Levitation Project

YouTube entrepreneur Drew Paul has created an easy to follow intstructable to make your own Electromagnetic Levitator device.
Jessica Miley

Want to impress your friends with the ability to make things hover in mid-air? Learn how to make this very cool Electromagnetic Levitator device, and your friends will love it. This how-to video that explains exactly how to create your own seems pretty easy to follow and the result is very impressive. You’ll need a fair amount of equipment and components but nothing that is too difficult to procure. The main things you need are a controller circuit, a power source, an EM coil and a magnet. You’ll obviously need to make sure you have all the required tools as well. The video is accompanied by a very detailed instructable that will help you overcome your DIY fears. At the end of the project, you’ll have an open box that will allow you to place metal objects inside that will magically levitate! It works by counteracting the effects of the gravitational acceleration and any other accelerations.

The instructable is created by Drew Paul, who describes himself on his website as a physicist, engineer, author, inventor, visual artist, music producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. His website is full of projects he has been working on from new music tracks to other DIY endeavors. Paul seems to be an energetic guy with projects as varied as a bedroom interior fit out with the theme ‘paradise’ to some devices that claim to prove Einstein wrong. His website also noted he is “the owner and founder of nine businesses ranging from marketing and media production to industrial science and alternative energy."