American Hiker Gets Unexpected Helicopter Spin During Rescue

An American hiker who was rescued was spun uncontrollably by her emergency helicopter.
Jessica Miley

A woman lost on a hiking adventure has been treated for nausea and dizziness after her rescue helicopter took her for a dangerous joy ride. The helicopter lifted the woman who was strapped to a gurney into the air near Piestewa Peak in Phoenix. But, something went awry and the woman was sent into a spin.

Its almost impossible to count how many times the woman, lying horizontal was spun around as the helicopter ascended. But there is no doubt she wasn’t feeling well.

The 74-year old hiker was strapped to the gurney by first-responders who gave the all-clear to the helicopter to rise.  They said it's uncommon for such an extreme spin to happen, but that they are taking steps to avoid it from happening in the future. 

“Sometimes when we bring the helicopter up from the ground, it will start to spin, so we have a line attached to the basket to help prevent that,” Phoenix Police Chief Pilot Paul Apolinar said during a press conference.

The hiker was rescued after falling during their trip but did not suffer serious consequences from either the accident or the rescue.

A video of the helicopter rescue has gone viral, with many criticizing the techniques used. But officials on the ground say that the helicopter was necessary due to the women's age and condition.  

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