Ames Window Illusion Will Bend Your Mind in the Best Way Possible

Don't forget to show this video to your flat-earther neighbor who trusts their senses a little too much.
Derya Ozdemir

Who doesn’t like a good mind-bending, stomach-churning, good-old optical illusion? If you like having your mind getting played, you will definitely love this video. 

Our brains might be more remarkable than the most powerful computer in the world, however, optical illusions are the perfect example of how easily they can be tricked. Even if we know what we are seeing is an illusion, the trick works nevertheless. 

This video shows the strangest window in the entire world, and it’s called the Ames window. The gentleman from the 90s shows you how to make one for your own. You can take a bunch of paper, scissors, colored pencils, and a cotton thread, and get your mind blown.

You can also show the illusion to your flat-earther friend who insists on trusting their senses.

For after you watch the video, here is an interesting fact: if the same illusion is taken to a tribe in the middle of Africa where they haven't seen rectangular windows, it wouldn't work on them. They would actually see it rotating around and around, whereas, we will always see it going backwards and forwards all the time. Crazy!


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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