Amphibious Truck Enters Mud Bogging Contest and Blows Competition Out of the Water

Sherp ATV prides itself on being able to handle every terrain, a statement proven at a recent monster truck event in Canada.
Jessica Miley

Fans of ridiculous vehicles may remember Sherp, an ultimate all-terrain automobile that was released a few years ago. This insane little bundle of power and force has a crazy reputation for being able to drive through almost any kind of terrain.

The truck-like vehicle boasts a max speed of 40 km/h and can climb over objects as high as 1 meter while also comfortably tackling slopes of up to 35 degrees. Snow and ice are no obstacles for this little beast and Sherp can even float.

So it's no surprise that this four-wheeled power machine did a great job at this year's Trucks Gone Wild event at Al Benesocky Filthy Redneck Country Club in Canada. The event centers around a large water-filled hole known as the ‘impossible bounty hole.'

The event consists of a series of crazy super truck participants attempting to cross the fearsome hole. As you can imagine most get bogged about halfway and require some serious extraction help.

However, Sherp conquered the hole with ease much to the delight of the excited fans that lined both sides of the event's ditch. The video is worth watching not only to see Sherp live up to its reputation but also to witness people's insane ingenuity in engineering monster trucks.

The wacky vehicles range from overloaded ATVs to a limousine mounted on a set of 4x4 wheels. Sherp celebrates its success by going back through the ditch, terrifying fans by climbing the banks of the hole.