An Actual Beer Mug Made out of Wood

With the right tools and expertise, you can make an actual wooden beer mug or you can just watch this video.

If the video player is not working, you can click on this alternative video link.

Have you ever seen a beer mug made out of wood? They are stylish in an old fashioned way and make for a great decorative item in addition to being an actual beer mug.

Did you also know that with the right tools, knowledge, and skills, you could make a wooden beer mug of your own? Though it should be noted that this task is not just for anybody. It requires expertise in woodwork. But it does make for a fun video to watch.

First, cut the wooden pieces into smaller thin pieces of wood. Make sure to create a small groove at the end of each wooden piece for the bottom of the beer mug to be inserted. Take some tape and line up the little pieces of wood one next to the other with the groove facing up.


Glue the pieces together in between each piece. Now, if you pick it up it takes the shape of a beer mug. Take a circular piece of wood and fit it into the grooves of the wooden pieces. Now, you have the basic foundation of a beer mug.

Take two metal circular pieces and put them around the beer mug to stabilize it. Now you just need to create the handle. Use a stencil to draw a beautiful handle. Take a large piece of wood and carve it in there. Now attach it to your mug and you are done!

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